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NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing

The NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing qualification is a one day course aimed at those who have a responsibility for management of health and wellbeing in the workplace, have a general interest in wellbeing or would like to begin a career incorporating wellbeing. This training would be beneficial for those in health and safety, human resources or those with management responsibilities such as managers or supervisors.

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It is now widely recognised that wellbeing amongst employees in the workplace is important. Not only do employers have a duty not to harm their employee’s health and wellbeing through the course of their work but it is also beneficial to the business to help employees who are suffering from poor wellbeing due to circumstances outside the workplace. It is natural that an employee’s work may suffer if their wellbeing isn’t at its optimum and therefore productivity may decline. By improving wellbeing employees may be more engaged and satisfied at work preventing high staff turnover, absence rates, accident and injury rates and potential litigation.

Those who undertake the NEBOSH health & wellbeing certificate course should be able to make a positive influence on wellbeing in the workplace health through our holistic approach. You will be introduced the wellbeing tree concept that covers the topics of interaction, kindness, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.

Element one of the NEBOSH Working With Wellbeing course covers the foundations of wellbeing, giving an official definition of wellbeing but also discussing the difficulties in defining wellbeing due to its subjectiveness. We will be exploring the interconnectivity of aspects of wellbeing and the business benefits of wellbeing consideration. We will discuss some of the social expectations placed on business and how wellbeing can boost reputation and contribute to corporate social responsibility. We will go into detail on the effect of wellbeing on employees and the implications for the business.

In element two we will be introducing some of the areas of wellbeing and the concept of the wellbeing tree and the branches that contribute to overall workplace health and wellbeing and that a balance is necessary to achieve this. The branches we will cover are interaction, mindfulness, kindness, nutrition, and exercise. We will discuss the benefits of these branches to wellbeing and the impact to both the business and individual if any of these branches are neglected.

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In element three we will delve into interventions in the workplace. There are several levels that intervention can be applied, strategic, policy, organisational, group and individual that will be covered in detail. We will discuss principles of implementation using our centre for wellbeing model and will look at both direct and indirect approaches. We will then go on to look at ways to measure the effectiveness of any wellbeing interventions implemented and which are the best methods. We will then cover wellbeing indicators and demonstrate a number of wellbeing assessment tools that you can then apply to your own workplace.

What will you learn on the NEBOSH wellbeing course:

· What wellbeing is and why it is important

· Factors that can positively or negatively affect wellbeing

· How well being can be improved in the workplace

· Concepts on all areas of wellbeing that contribute to overall wellbeing

· The benefits of positive wellbeing in the workplace

· How to review strengths and weaknesses in the workplace

· The ability to apply interventions learnt to your workplace to improve wellbeing

· How to choose the appropriate method to measure the effectiveness of wellbeing interventions

Course Assessment

The course will be delivered in one day with plenty of practical tasks and ideas to then develop your own workplace intervention plan. Your learning throughout the day should provide you with the skills to identify the wellbeing strengths and weakness within your workplace. You will then develop and document an intervention plan including how to measure its effectiveness. This will then be assessed and returned to you with tutor feedback so that it can then be implemented in your workplace to improve wellbeing.

The NEBOSH Working With Wellbeing learning syllabus will cover:

  • Element 1                 Foundations of wellbeing
  • Element 2                The branches of wellbeing; benefits and what this means in practice
  • Element 3                 Interventions in the workplace

Length of the Course:
One day course with a 1 hour assessment

Course Dates & Modes Of Learning

Course dates:

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Hosted at Royal Quays Business Centre NE29 6DE


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